There is a limited amount of microtransactions available in Dragon's Dogma Quest. All of them are charged in Japanese Yen (¥). You can select the online shop to proceed with microtransactions from the main menu bar.

The online shop is divided into two main sections. The first section sells additional slot upgrades, which in-game is usually increased upon reaching certain levels.

The second section is devoted to the purchase of Wakestones. Normally Wakestones are awarded after finishing certain story quests. Wakestones are used in the game not only to resurrect the party upon its death in a dungeon and continue instead of automatically exiting, but also to purchase gacha sold by Mountebank and to purchase additional upgrades.

Upgrades shop Edit

The upgrades shop currently has three purchase options available. Normally similar slots upgrades are awarded upon reaching certain levels in the game.

Upgrades Price
Shop increaseweapons
Adds 5 additional slots to weapons storage 1 Wakestone
Shop increasepawns
Adds 5 additional slots to pawn storage 1 Wakestone
Shop increasefriends
Adds 5 additional slots to player's Friends List 1 Wakestone

Wakestones shop Edit

There are several price options available.

Wakestones Price
Shop wakestone
1 Wakestone 100 yen
Shop wakestone
2 Wakestones 200 yen
Shop wakestone
10 Wakestones + 1 free Wakestone 1,000 yen
Shop wakestone
20 Wakestones + 2 free Wakestones 2,000 yen
Shop wakestone
40 Wakestones + 5 free Wakestones 4,000 yen
Shop wakestone
98 Wakestones + 15 free Wakestones 9,800 yen
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