Unlike the character in Dragon's Dogma who specialises in forging items, the Mountebank in Dragon's Dogma Quest operates a shop that sells gacha to the player.

Mountebank's shop is accessible to the player at all times from the main menu.


Buying a gacha will give the player a random set of vocation cards and/or items. The vocations and items range vary from common to highly rare. Some vocations are also currently available only through the gacha shop.

Types of gachaEdit

There are two types of gacha available for sale in Mountebank's shop. The first type of gacha costs 1,000 RC and is limited to only three transactions per day. The second type of gacha has no limit on the amount of transactions and costs five Wakestones per transaction. It also offers much better chances of obtaining rare vocation cards.

The player can also redeem gacha tickets at Mountebank's shop. One gacha ticket is good for a Wakestones gacha. Gacha tickets are randomly obtained as reward for consecutive logins.

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